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Who Is Our Typical Client?

Who Is Our Typical Dog Training Client?
Clients of Beyond the Leash dog training are a varied group. Given that our list of satisfied clients includes over 1,000 dog owners, they should be!

Our clients are not celebrities looking to throw around money. They are professionals, homemakers, families with children, singles, owners with multiple animals, and people with just one pet—in other words, people like you who have deep affection for their four-legged family members and who want help overcoming behavioral issues, so they can enjoy their dogs’ companionship to the fullest.

1,000 Wagging Tails Can’t Be Wrong!
Wondering what our past clients have to say about Beyond the Leash North Eastern Massachusetts dog training? Read on...

woody"My kids were begging to get a dog. Begging. After much research, we caved and decided to get a Portuguese Water Dog because the breed is known to be highly intelligent and active, which felt like a good match for our family dynamic. We got a bit more than we bargained for.

Dexter joined our family when he was 10 weeks old and right from the get go we could tell this dog was indeed smart, active, and very headstrong. At first his 'ruling of the roost' came in the form of chewing our house to pieces and jumping on everything... and everyone. Then, his behavior started to escalate from being a nuance to being aggressive towards things not of his liking - like getting kicked off the couch, getting a shot from the vet, and his nails cut. The final straw came when he about took off the arm of the groomer. Fearing we were going to have to get rid of a biting dog, a friend recommended Scott. Best call. The change in Dexter has been remarkable. He is still our fun, adventurous furry friend, but he is so much calmer and responsive to commands. Basically, he knows who is the boss (and it isn't him!) A month after returning from bootcamp, we took him to the groomer for the first time since the 'incident,' and it couldn't have gone better. Kisses replaced growls and snatched jaws. Thank you so much, Scott, for helping us and Dexter live together is harmony!"

Rebecca C.
Wakefield, MA

woody"We adopted our nine-year-old poodle-terrier mix, Woody, when he was two years old. He has always been lovable and loving—except when he was not! Like when he was in the car with us and barked at everything and often nothing. Or when we took walks or hikes, and he barked at humans and growled and occasionally lunged at passing dogs. He had fear reactivity and, quite frankly, was a bully. We were at our wits' end. I began searching for nearby dog trainers when I came upon the website of Beyond the Leash. Reading the information and testimonials, I thought Scott could be the answer to our prayers. After Scott came to our home for an evaluation, we signed up Woody on the spot for the three-week boot camp. Scott kept in contact with us during that three-week period, sending photos and videos to update us on Woody's progress. Bottom line, Woody came back to us a changed dog! He now rides quietly in the car, and we can take walks and hikes without breaking out in a sweat worrying about what he might do. Scott also has been wonderful during our follow-up lessons, making sure us humans are trained as well. Thank you, Scott! We recommend Scott and Beyond the Leash wholeheartedly and without reservation."

L. Millar-Nicholson
Sudbury, MA

chance"I can't believe the difference in my 10 month old Lab "Happy" from before and after his time with Scott at Beyond the Leash! When we sent him he was a lovable, smart, athletic dog that was out of control with excitement when he came in contact with other people or other animals. It was embarrassing. We have a convertible and we couldn't have him in the car when we would pull up to a gas station. He would be totally out of control wanting to get at the attendants to play with them. We needed to put 3 restraints on the dog for his safety in the convertible. I couldn't take the dog to the groomer or even the vet alone because of his over enthusiasm and his strength. Now when we take the dog in the car he looks at the people and other dogs and doesn't even flinch. I took him for his first run with me and he stayed right at my side never pulled. A dog was being walked on the other side of street headed right for us and the other Shepherd pulled on owners leash and wanted to cross street my dog just continued to run next to me and never even cared about the dog!!!! Amazing; this has been such a huge change in the lives of our family as we can now count on Happy to have manners and act accordingly. It's the best investment we ever could have done for him."

Darlene & Fred W.
Manchester, MA

chance"Scott was amazing. I have a 1 year old Shiba Inu, Sophie, and she is very independent. She had a problem of running away any chance she got and would not come when called. I contacted Scott and signed up for the 3 week boot camp. He sent me updated and videos of her progress all the time. When I picked her up after the 3 weeks, it was like a different dog. She was so well behaved. I cannot thank Scott enough for all his help with Sophie."

Jacqueline B.
Dracut, MA

chance"This week with Henry has been so great. I didn't realize how out of control things were until I had a dog that was under control. It's so much less stressful to put him in the car, to drive, to walk the neighborhood, to cook in the kitchen without Henry underfoot, visit my mom with a well behaved dog and not the hound from hell, I've left him at home for up to 3 hours at a time and everything goes well. Henry and I are still learning and neither of us is 100% but we are both working hard. Thank you so much for this second chance."

Susan B.
Beverly, MA

chance"Freckles is a rescue dog from WV. He is a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix who previously lived in three homes before I adopted him in September 2015 at the age of 3. While living in the suburbs of NH I was able to get away with his lack of training, terrible leash walking skills and his lunging barking reaction to things outdoors. In the spring of 2016 we moved to downtown Lowell where I quickly realized that he needs to be trained or I am going to have to find a new home for him.

Indoors Freckles was laid back, relaxed, and loving. Outside of home Freckles was a complete monster on the leash. He would bark at people in our building, people outside, cars, bikes, kids, sounds, dogs. As moving objects passed by him he would attempt to lunge off of my leg to run and bark after the car, bike, jogger, etc. He was so bad that people made comments like “you better muzzle your dog” and other unkind words. I was constantly afraid to be around people and always feared turning a corner in case someone startled him. He would even try to army crawl under the railings along the canal to swim after the ducks. For the first time I was questioning my decision of owning him. He was my best friend but we were both equally frustrated and miserable and it wasn’t fair for both of his to continue living like this.

After a Google search I came across Beyond the Leash. Scott was my first and last resort for Freckles. I was beyond stressed, Freckles was both stressed and out of his mind, and I was sure that if Scott wasn’t able to help us I would have to find a new home for Freckles.

I met with Scott and decided on the 3 week bootcamp in hopes that Freckles will become less reactive and able to walk properly on a leash. Giving Freckles up for three weeks was very hard for me but Scott kept me informed with pictures and updates of his progress. When I went to pick Freckles up he was sitting on his bed and would not get off despite his excitement to see me.

Scott went over how to work with Freckles. Although I couldn’t believe how well behaved he was I was still concerned on how he would be when Scott was not around and it was just the two of us walking downtown. The second I let him out of the car on the busy street he was sitting next to me looking at me to tell him what to do. He walked by my side as we passed people and he never once reacted. I was completely beside myself!

I could not believe how well he was doing. For the first time I was in complete control. I had the power and he was listening to me. Since Freckles returned home we have had nothing but enjoyable walks filled with people complimenting him on how beautiful he is and me on how well he was walking. We are no longer the dog that barks and lunges, instead, Freckles patiently walks by other dogs, people, bikes with no reaction. Instead of attempting to army crawl into the water I brush him as he stands and watches the ducks go by. I now walk with a giant smile across my face and Freckles walks next to me wagging his tail and paying attention to me instead of everything around him.

Inside Freckles is more relaxed than ever. In the morning he now watches me make coffee, etc. from his bed, and at night he watches me make dinner from his bed. When people come over I’ll have him sit on his bed so he isn’t anxious and to keep him out of the way. When he has done his time I release him and he is so excited to sit on my lap on the couch and cuddle. I was obsessed with my dog before and now that he is great no matter the environment I am more obsessed and in love with him than ever.

On a family trip to Vermont Freckles was able to be off his leash the majority of the time. We would all be sitting outside and he would see a bird or squirrel go by and not react. He would wander off and the second I called him he came running back. On a hike he was off leash the entire time. He would come across other dogs off leash, say hello, and then when I called him he quickly sprinted towards me. I no longer living in fear of going places with my dog or running into other people. We both get such joy walking together and spending time together.

Scott transformed my overly reactive dog into a very relaxed, happy, ready to please dog who is a perfect gentlemen outside on the leash but still loves to sit on my lap and cuddle. What has been most impressive is how dedicated Scott is to both my dog and me even after boot camp. He is always available to answer any questions and offer advice. He really wants to see both you and your dog succeed. Because of Scott, I now have my best friend who I can take with me to coffee shops, sit outside at restaurants have off leash while hiking and take to crowded places. We are both much more relaxed and happy and cannot thank Beyond the Leash enough for all they have done!"

Morgan B.
Lowell, MA

chance"Brie is doing great! Before boot camp, she was uncontrollable - jumping, barking, lunging and stealing food from counters. With five kids at home, we just couldn't handle the constant chaos. Someone at dog day camp recommended Beyond the Leash. I called Scott a few days later. This was our last resort. We decided on the three week boot camp, and it was the best decision ever. Brie is a joy now!!!! The doorbell rings, and she stays on her bed. She's a pleasure to walk, something I couldn't do before training. To think we actually thought of re-homing her before sending her. Love the new Brie. She is great! I am so thankful to Scott for the peace he's brought to our home."

Lisa S.
Medford, MA

chance"Words can't even begin to describe how incredibly grateful we are for EVERYTHING you've done with Dex! We had no idea where to begin, and with your expertise (and a whole lot of patience), you have made a world of a difference! Not only have you made big changes in Dex's behavior, but you are teaching us so many new things as well! You are truly talented and you genuinely cared about Dex's progress. Thank you very much! You are appreciated and we are hopeful about Dex's future!"

Laura & Anthony C.
Lowell, MA

chance"Karma is doing great! We've worked with her at the beach with the long line, and she's coming when called. Took her to the dog park and even though she was playing, she came when I called her. In the house she has come, bed, sit, lay down, and shake completely under control. At day care (she only goes once a week if that), they didn't know she had been to training but noticed the difference right away. She now lets Mitch cuddle with her and sleeps across his feet while we are watching TV at night. It's an amazing change!"

Linda P.
Derry, NH

chance"Just wanted to send along a sincere and heartfelt thank you!

Emmie’s transformation has been no less than amazing! I cried when I first met you about the challenges that I was having with her and how much I missed my old dog and how “easy” he was; and I cried tears of joy today, because she was just like him in behavior and temperament. She’s a different dog for the better.

Just now she saw one of my cats that in the past she would have charged towards. She looked at him, looked me, and turned around. She saw my tenants when she came home, and sat politely while they patted her. I’ve had the chimney sweep here today, initially she barked then immediately settled down on her bed. She’s doing great. Thank you for everything!"

Deb M.
Byfield, MA

chance"I was so excited when I brought my adorable 9-week-old puppy, Joey, home to my parents' house last July. I knew a lot of hard work would go into training any dog, but I really had no idea what was in store for us. We had owned two dogs previously and had actually never needed to utilize any training resources. They certainly weren't the most well mannered dogs, but they were absolutely manageable. Joey, on the other hand, was a different story. We tried to be on top of his chewing and his nipping from the get go (even when the nipping was absolutely adorable at the very beginning, we still discouraged any of that behavior). Unfortunately, by the time Joey was about 5 months, the nipping and biting were far from adorable, and verging on scary. We knew we needed assistance to nip these behaviors in the bud.

We enrolled Joey in an obedience training course, and I felt that we were finally going to get rid of all those bad behaviors. Joey graduated with no problem at all. He would sit (for a split second) when I told him to, he would give me his paw when I asked, and he would lay down (usually) when told to. However, during those classes, my Dad and I would sustain bleeding bite marks while we tried to contain Joey's behaviors so as not to disturb the other dog-owners and their experience. On walks, Joey would jump up at me and latch onto my arm whenever he became overly excited (usually when he saw another dog, a loud truck...or...for no reason whatsoever). I would frequently end up in tears and come home bruised, or worse, from his biting. We enlisted the help of a private trainer who was great! However, the appointments were far apart and the in between time was horrible. Our living room was surrounded with gates. My family was tense and irritable. We were constantly trying to manage Joey's increasingly aggressive and obnoxious behaviors. We just had no control over him at all. I knew I had made a commitment to Joey when I rescued him, but I felt one hundred percent hopeless and helpless. I had no control over his behaviors. I dreaded walking him. And I was overcome with guilt whenever I wasn't home because I knew my parents would be suffering through his behaviors.

FINALLY, I came across reviews of Beyond the Leash. I read through every single review and tried to imagine feeling the relief that so many of the reviewers expressed. I would look for the reviews that talked about the worst possible behaviors because I just wasn't sure there was any hope for Joey. Scott and Jess came to our house one day in April. Within minutes, Scott had Joey outside walking perfectly find on a leash with him. I was amazed. He gave the leash back to me and all of Joey's behaviors came back. It was clear I had no control whatsoever. I almost immediately burst into tears because I was so extremely frustrated, overwhelmed, and discouraged. Scott suggested the Boot Camp for Joey. I've never actually admitted this, but I was so relieved he was able to take Joey that same day (though the tears still came when he was leaving)! Scott kept Joey for three weeks and made sure to keep me updated with pictures and videos. When we went to pick up Joey, he was laying calmly on his bed and stayed there for at least a half hour while Scott discussed his progress. My parents and I were in shock. Five classes came with the boot camp package. Scott was ever so patient with my parents and I as we worked to maintain the well behaved dog that Scott had returned to us. We no longer have to yell over his incessant barking, I can walk him around the pond with little to no effort, and he no longer runs the house. When we are expecting company, we put him on his "bed" and he's perfectly happy there. He hasn't actually bitten me once since boot camp, which was over 5 months ago. I no longer have to explain the constant bruising all over my arms and legs. If we aren't paying attention, he surely is likely to get himself into some sort of trouble, but I'm no longer afraid of him. He is a sweet, loving, cuddly, dog who is no longer out of control. Below is a pic of Joey going to the beach, which is something I never thought he would be able to do! I would absolutely, without a doubt, recommend Scott and Beyond the Leash to anyone who may be feeling as desperate and helpless as I had been feeling. Please believe there is hope for you and your dog!!! :) "

Alicia D.
Woburn, MA

chance"I have to start with the fact that I have had 5 dogs over the past 25 years. Some have been very independent, some very anxious and dependent. My Golden, Seamus, is an anxious but sweet boy that follows me everywhere and depends on being able to see me at all times. He has severe separation anxiety and it makes everyday situations much more stressful than they need to be (for both of us). When my son brought his new puppy Rocky into our house, he very quickly decided that he wanted Rocky to be a well-behaved, well-trained dog. He did not want Rocky (or our family) to have the anxiety that Seamus and I have every time someone comes to the door.  Scott (Beyond the Leash) had worked with my daughter's Wheaten Terrier, Dixie, and the end result of their training is that Dixie is an amazingly well-behaved dog. She is able to be off leash and she loves the freedom her training provides her. She can go anywhere with my daughter (and soon to be son-in-law). My son decided that Rocky would train with Scott as well. Although Rocky was a very good dog, with an easy going temperament, he could use a little extra training so that he didn't pick up the negative behaviors of my Golden. He spent three weeks with Scott, and Rocky is now a great dog and is able to participate with the family in different situations and places. For instance, we love to walk downtown and although Rocky was good on a leash, he would get so excited to meet new people that he would still tend to jump on them. Since Rocky has been training with Scott, Rocky and I both understand how to allow Rocky to greet people without jumping. I say Rocky and I know what to do because training a dog (even a very smart, very sweet dog like Rocky) is about training both the dog and the owner. Scott teaches the dog to understand that when he sees new friends, they will say hi to him if he sitting and calm, and definitely not jumping on them and knocking them over (he's a pretty big boy). Equally as important, however, is the fact that Scott teaches the owner how to continue the good behavior that he has taught the dog. The dog gets a lesson and the owner gets a lesson. Before Scott, I probably would not have taken Rocky downtown. I've had dogs that jump on people, and pull so hard on a leash that they pull me right behind. I love to walk downtown, and wanted to be able to take Rocky with me. Scott's training (of both of us), made that possible. Now Rocky and I can enjoy more time together. I can take him downtown or to the pet store because I know we both have the skills needed thanks to Scott. I must say that I did have some concerns about sending Rocky to Scott for 3 weeks. After all he was just a puppy and I worried that Rocky would feel abandoned by us. I worried that he would lose his natural goofy and loving personality with the strict instruction that was going to take place during that three weeks. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rocky is still goofy and silly, and sweet and loving, he just also knows how to behave appropriately where ever we are. All of my concerns disappeared for good when Rocky, my son, and I went to see Scott for our first follow up lesson since Rocky returned home. Rocky recognized that he was at Scott's, and he ran towards Scott with a wagging tail and all the excitement and energy of an eight month old puppy. Of course Rocky also broke "heel" because he was so excited to see Scott, but we quickly remedied that. Rocky and my son then walked in together, Rocky in heel until he was released. It became clear to me in that moment that Scott has a very special way with dogs. He loves them, and he teaches them to be the best dog they can be. The dogs that he trains for families like us, who just want to have well behaved dogs so that they can join in all the fun things the family does, enjoy working with Scott and it shows. Most people think to call a trainer when they have already lost control of the dog and the situation. I've fallen into that thought process myself in the past (did I mention my beloved but not perfectly behaved Golden?). If you're reading this and you're wondering whether you should take your dog to Scott, regardless of whether your dog behaves pretty well already, I urge you to take him to Scott. You will not be sorry. He will teach you how to calm an anxious dog like my Seamus, or how to improve the behaviors of an already well-mannered dog like Rocky. Scott and Beyond the Leash will be part of my family's plan for as long as we have dogs, and with Scott's help that will be a very long time. Thank you Scott!"

Kristin R.
Newburyport, MA

chance"Just wanted to give you an update on penny. She is doing great. Getting along with dogs and people. Saturday night we had 10 people over. She was walking all over, wagging her tail and sniffing people. Then she just let people start petting her. She is a totally different dog. She still has some bad days. And by that I mean she is just jittery and nervous. But she knows that she has to sit and be with us. Thanks again!"

Ruben, Scott and Penny
East Boston, MA

"We used Scott a few years ago to train our dog who was very hyper. Bash is a different dog. Our family was also trained on how to control Bash in the proper way. Our house is a lot less crazy now that the dog is trained."

Myatt and Maria M.
Plainville, MA


I just wanted to thank you in writing for what you have done for Winslow and our family. Win was out of control and because we had no control over him. You did an amazing job working with him but the real trick was working with me. You trained me to be a better dog owner and that has made dynamic changes in our home. The tools you provided us with work because you taught me how to use them. Anytime someone comes to the door, I can tell Winslow to "go to his bed"  and he will sit there no matter who walks into the house until I tell him "free". Just this skill alone has helped us. I don't have t worry about Win growling and snapping at our guests. By making him sit on his bed, he sees that the guests are friendly and he is reminded that I am in charge. This is huge for Win.  

You really saved his life and the happiness of our family. I thought we would have to put Win down because he was too aggressive, because he might hurt someone. I'm so glad we found you. Win can still be a jerk, but I have the tools to deal with those situations when, inevitably, I don't prevent them. I know I was a tough client to work with. I appreciate your patience.

Thank you so much for sharing your time and knowledge and super dry sense of humor."  

Allie Kelley
Wenham, MA

chance"We can’t thank Scott enough for all that he has done with our 5 year old Bernese Mountain Dog, Brutus. Prior to finding Scott, we were at a loss as to what we were going to do with Brutus. We have three small children and one on the way and Brutus started becoming very territorial and protective of our children. His aggression towards strangers was unpredictable and we were nervous allowing strangers to enter our home. This really made our lives difficult as we worried that Brutus would lash out at any time. That is until we contacted Scott.

We sent Brutus off to work with Scott for three weeks. When he came home, it was clear that it was the best choice we could have made. With Scott’s help, Brutus now goes to his bed and crate whenever told. He does not leave his bed until we let him “free.” We can also tell that Brutus is a happier dog overall and isn’t stressed out like he was before. This has helped to calm our nerves and has created a happier environment for our whole family. We know now when we hear a knock at our door, we can tell Brutus to head to his bed and he will go and stay there without any resistance. Prior to Scott’s help, a knock at the door created a huge amount of anxiety throughout the house, as we would fear what Brutus might do.

We are continuing to work with Scott now that Brutus is home. His sessions are helping us to be better dog owners. We are also very thankful that Scott is available to answer our smallest questions and gets back to us promptly. Our only regret is that we didn’t find Scott sooner!

Chris and Courtney H.
Wakefield, MA

"We had a great learning experience, which resulted in an understanding of how to manage our dog Rosie, a rescue, at Beyond The Leash in Lowell, MA. Rosie is a loving dog to my husband and myself. We adopted her at approximately 4 years old from Tennessee. Rosie a beautiful red merle Australian Shepard and part Border Collie. During the first year we realized Rosie was a shy nervous dog who was most comfortable at home. She loved walks, but we could never let her off leash. She became more difficult with grooming. She seemed sad and depressed at times. We did not want to give up on her we contacted Scott at Beyond The Leash. He immediately took Rosie and walked her. Rosie walked with him better than her entire year spent with us, and we made a hard decision and sent Rosie to Scott's 2 week boot camp. Turned out to be the best decision. Obedience from what I understand gives a dog confidence. Rosie now heels, sits, and downs on command. We can also let Rosie off leash and she can run. Truly amazing. Rosie is happy because we took control. Bottom line obedience teaching requires a professional trainer. Rosie is better in other aspects no teeth chattering during thunderstorms and allows grooming. Scott taught us valuable lessons. Now we can truly enjoy Rosie while watching Rosie enjoy life. The best part is we now board Rosie at Beyond The Leash, knowing Scott understands her needs and offers us the option of him working with her while she is there.  Thank you Beyond The Leash. Total satisfaction."

Ruth and Alan G.
Framingham, MA

chance"Zelda's been great! Your training has changed her life. She can come in the yard now, play fetch, go to the dog beach, not be stuck in her crate when we have company-the change in her is amazing!"

Jenna B
Marblehead, MA





chance"My Husky spent a week with Scott for training. Harper is 8 months old and as much as she is sweet she is very high energy and had issues with being calm in the house as well as outside. She was a leash puller and jumped on people to say hello. After a week with Scott there were major changes with our dog. She has not barked once since being inside the home and remains completely calm. She has not jumped on anyone walking past us and she even walks beside me on a loose leash. I really didn't think a change this drastic would be possible after one week but all the issues Harper had are no longer there. I can't thank Scott enough for his hard work and dedication. Harper absolutely loves Scott and you can tell how happy she is when she gets to visit him for our additional training classes. If you have minor or major behavioral issues with your dog Scott is your go to dog trainer! I would Recommend him to anyone. He is personable, relatable and has a strong knowledge when it comes to the right kind of training your dog will need."

Carly Yarbrow
Boston, MA

The Beyond the Leash program by Scott Williams works. 

Part coach and part therapist, Scott helped us humans begin to understand the dog psychology behind training.

We have a barky, territorial, male dachshund mix that was starting to nip at people coming into the house. Scott provided our family with the insight, techniques, and training we needed to begin to turn around the unwanted behaviors.

So, now after only a few one hour sessions, our dog is quieter and more controllable with visitors/strangers. And as the name of the company suggests, we have been able to take the dog to the park completely off leash and it is a joy we thought we, nor our dog would ever feel. 

Worth every penny. Thank you.

Kane M.
Rowley, MA

chanceLast April my wife and I adopted a beautiful rescue dog with whom we fell in love. We took our new puppy home and discovered that he had many unruly traits.

He was food aggressive and on occasion bit a few people including me and my son, he was impossible to control on a walk, if the door was open he ran all over the house taunting us to capture him. He also barked viciously at other dogs, people on the street, and especially joggers and bicycle riders. In short he was a total brat and he was definitely in charge of us instead of the other way around.

We sent him to Scott Williams at beyond the leash for two weeks and when he returned he was completely trained, well mannered, affectionate  obedient and happy. He became and remains a pleasure to have in our home. As I write this he is at my feet staring at me with those beautiful eyes and I know that he and I are great friends but I am the boss.

Scott has followed up several times to make sure that Moe that's his name is performing as expected and his suggestions have been invaluable.

Scott Williams is a talented, professional, dog trainer who will give you great value which you will recognize when your dog comes home. I cannot recommend him strongly enough. In addition he is a very nice man.

James Coppersmith
Marblehead Ma.

Scott taught my wife and I that even a dog that barks at everything and bites on occasion can be given the opportunity to be a happy, healthy, playful dog again.

Scott's advice and tuition focused on teaching my wife and I what our dog needed from us in order to be obedient and more importantly happy. It all comes down to knowing what to do, being consistent and building the right relationship with your dog.

I would not hesitate recommending Scott to anyone and whether you have your dog board with him for intensify training or attend one on one training it will be money well spent.

Will and Heidi
Lowell, MA

chanceWe brought our 1.5 year old Labradoodle, Beckett, to Scott and Jess for a two week "boot camp". Before the boot camp, Beckett had fear aggression associated with people coming to the door, walking by, etc. He had bit a couple of friends and overall was not responding to basic commands. His aggression and hyper behavior caused our home to be hectic and had us yelling at Beckett to calm him down, etc.... he had too much freedom and not enough structure, but we did not know how to give it to him.

Now that we have Beckett back from his two week training, he is a new dog! He's still his lovable self but with the skills Scott and Jess taught him, he is calm and obedient. Now when people come to the door he, upon command, retreats to his "bed" and sits there until he is told "free". Beckett obediently sits and waits despite the chaos entering our home (kids, other dogs). He comes on command; he's pottying in the corner where we want him to go.

My husband and I are amazed at the improvement and can't thank Scott and Jess enough for their amazing instruction and kindness toward our dog.

We highly recommend Beyond the Leash for your dog training needs. Whether it is a couple of visits or a longer 2 week boot camp, Scott and Jess are experts in their field and we couldn't be happier with the results. We still need to keep up the training at home and follow Scott's instructions, but when we do, magic happens with our dog!

Tracy and Marc O.
Marblehead, MA

chanceDear Scott,

We want to thank you for the wonderful work you and Jess did with our one-year-old puppy, Chaco. Before he went to Beyond the Leash “boot camp,” he had become so aggressive we were afraid of him, and we were worried that he may need to be put down.

Now, he is a happy, well-behaved little guy... The difference is dramatic.  He allows himself to be brushed and groomed — which was impossible before “boot camp.” He knows to stay on his bed until told he is “free,” and he is comfortable being in his crate as well as walking on a "loose leash."

Just as important, your counsel and follow-up classes are teaching us how we need to behave in order to consistently re-enforce his new behavior.

We are so grateful to you for your expert guidance, and we are looking forward to using the training methods you taught us to ensure that Chaco's behavior “sticks” as he grows into a wonderful, full-grown Wheaten Terrier.

With much gratitude,

Marcia & Charles M.
Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA

I am a greyhound owner so all you greyhound owners can image my initial conversation with Scott, which went something like this. 

Me: "Bella does not sit." 
Scott: "I have heard several greyhound owners say the same thing."
Me: "I also don't want to use any special training collars on her."
Scott: "Why?"
Me: "You can't use them on greyhounds. Their necks are not built for it... or something."

And I walked away. 

I adopted Bella several years ago. What a sweet, loving, affectionate girl she has been. A total extrovert, she wins the heart of everyone she meets. But, Bella is (was) very aggressive toward other dogs. To the point where she was re-directing on me or my other greyhound and I would often come home from the walks bruised and sporting bloody knuckles. With a gentle leader I was able to control her from re-directing. But her snarling and thrashing still had the neighbors running back inside and left me exhausted after the walks. Bottom line - we were all miserable. I had lost my favorite part of dog owning - the walks through the park down my street. Now I clung onto the leash, heart racing, my eyes darting back and forth trying to see the other dogs before she did. No exaggeration. 

So several months later I decided enough was enough and this was no way for any of us too live. I called Scott back and asked how soon he could take her. I knew that in order for the training to effective I needed to be out of the picture. 

Best dog owning decision I ever made!

When I went to pick Bella up from Boot Camp two weeks later, she was in the training facility standing quietly with 2 other dogs. We started practicing our sits and lie downs as soon as I got her home. Repeat - she sits and lies down. 

I can't thank Scott enough. Walks are now a pleasure and I am slowly gaining confidence knowing that I have to tools I need to handle potentially explosive situations. I took Bella to Petco with me after several weeks of practicing at home! Bella is so much calmer and responsive to me all around. And my other dog is now stress free and jogs along happily on our walks. Even my dog walkers noticed the change in her. 

I would definitely recommend Scott to all greyhound owners. Any & all dog owners really. 

Liza W.
Groveland, Ma

chanceScott...We just wanted to let you know how happy we were with the puppy boot camp that out eight month old English Cocker Spaniel Tesla went through at Beyond the Leash. As you know Tesla’s breed is one that can be of a single focus and can be very difficult to train. Once he has is mind [or nose] set on a path, he is very difficult to break out of that mind-set. Our concern was his safety. He is an extremely loving dog and a great breed for a family. But there are times he can get himself into a zone, where he would not respond to stop or come and we were concerned that he could get hurt or hit by a car. His single-mindedness also made it difficult to walk him. His head would be down and he would follow his nose and just continue to pull on his leash, making it very unpleasant to have a simple walk with him. The two weeks that he spent with you have turned out to be one on of the best decisions we have made. We couldn’t believe it when we came back that he was the same dog. You were able to get him to follow the heel command so that walking with him is now something pleasurable. More importantly you have been very helpful in training us on how to handle him and reinforce the fundamental training you have instilled in Tesla. Working with us on the simple come, heel and stay commands have showed us how to handle and manage Tesla. Your approach to having him stay on his elevated bed has helped us manage a number of situations from visiting guests to having dinner in peace. We just wanted to let you know how much of a difference Beyond the Leash has made with Tesla and how happy we were to put him through your boot camp.

Best regards,
Bill, Jeanne and Tesla Driscoll

"Scott and Jess at Beyond The Leash helped us  with a behavior problem we were having with our Chow, namely that during his walks he would sometimes flop down and refuse to move. Scott gave us a couple of options and after two sessions we had the problem solved. We now are able to let our dog off leash.  He obeys commands immediately and has a lot more freedom.  

He's like a new dog! I highly recommend Scott and Jess at Beyond The Leash."

Tom S.
Boston, MA

"Scott's scentwork classes are great.  I started with him when he first came to New England and then, when he stopped teaching in my area, I switched to other instructors.  Now that he is in Lowell, I've recently returned to his course.

He's fun and really works with you and your dog to get an odor obedient dog -- lots of different ways of trying to get the dog to understand that odor should be the only thing that matters, not praise or food or any other distractions.  

And, best of all, his course prices are the most reasonable around this area -- much less pricey than all of the other instructors in the area.

Definitely worth the trip to his place for training!"

Kari L.
Blackstone, MA

"Scott is a great dog trainer. We have been sending our 9 month old pit bull to him twice a week for about 2 months and you would not believe the changes and improvement in his behavior. Scott has really helped our pup learn to walk on a loose leash, stay on his bed when we have company, and stop nipping at my husband and I. His attention span has improved and he can now follow just about any command even with distractions present.

Prior to finding Scott, we had taken our dog to Basic Obedience classes at a local animal shelter, as well as private training with another trainer. We had also read numerous articles, and had tried just about everything to get him to stop nipping us- to no avail. 

After just a few sessions with Scott, the nipping stopped as well as the pulling on his leash. Scott also has him running on a treadmill, which not only is great for exercise, but has made him faster and able to keep up on our 3 mile runs. Our pup practically sprints up the steps to Beyond the Leash when we bring him in the mornings. We have boarded him for the weekend with Scott, too and our pup came back tired and happy. 
I highly recommend Scott as a trainer, especially if you are looking for behavior modification."

Orlagh P.
Billerica, MA

chance"Here's the short version:  Our fearful, anxiety-ridden 5-month-old Lagotto pup, Lola, came home from Scott William's two-week 'boot camp' a calmer, happier, more confident and obedient dog.  Scott is a personable, consummate professional who provides excellent customer service alongside his considerable expertise.  What we find most impressive is his commitment to follow-up instruction.  He is providing us with concrete actions and commands that will allow us to continually reinforce the positive changes he made in our dog's behavior.  And he is doing it with patience and clarity.  If there is better picture of what caring,  ethical,  and downright amazing dog training looks like, I'm not sure what that would be.  We recommend Scott and Beyond the Leash with the utmost enthusiasm.

Now for the longer version.  For more than 10 years our two boys begged us for a dog.  So when we finally said "we're ready" and welcomed Lola into the family, our joy quickly turned to concern and a feeling of helplessness as her struggle with fear and anxiety became increasingly apparent and heightened.  Loving and comfortable while in the house alone with us,  Lola would hide, bark, or growl when people came to visit.  On walks she strained at the leash, desperate to get away at the sight of an approaching dog, a bike, a recyling bin.  You name it, she feared  it.  We were out of our league and knew we needed professional help.   Through a personal recommendation we found Scott Williams.  He provided excellent guidance through an initial phone consultation.  No hard sell.   Just a genuine interest in wanting to help. The boot camp (which includes several follow-up visits) seemed the best solution for us.  And it was.  Scott was great about sending photos and videos to report on Lola's progress and gave us the peace of mind that she was in capable hands.  Now in our post-boot camp phase, Scott is always willing to communicate when we have questions and our first follow up visit as a family was fantastic.  

We feel fortunate to have found such a great resource (and nice person!) to help us with our quirky but lovable dog. We look forward to taking advantage of the many classes Scott offers through Beyond the Leash to keep Lola and us in a happy relationship for many years to come."

Paula G.
Marblehead, MA

"After six years of struggling with how to handle my dog, Louie's, severe separation anxiety, I came to Scott at Beyond the Leash, feeling like this might be my last hope. Scott was the answer to my prayers. I've never written a review like this before, but I feel very motivated to do so because Scott deserves high praise! After two weeks of training, Louie is now able to tolerate being left alone in his crate and I can leave my apartment without fear of what I may find when I get home. It's changed our lives. Throughout, Scott has been responsive, available, and dedicated to helping both me and Louie (because I need some training too, of course!). Though initially I had some concerns about cost-because this kind of commitment to training is not cheap (no matter where you go) - I knew I needed a real expert and someone with a proven track record (he came highly recommended). Scott is worth every penny to get the results that you need!"

Patience W.
Brookline, MA

"We adopted our 1 year old lab/pit mix, Lila about 6 months ago and started with a local trainer within 2 months, who taught us some basic commands and walking techniques.  

However, Lila would still lunge at other dogs during our walks in the park and become aggressive with any visitors to our home.  We really didn't want to bring her back to the humane society but we knew we needed to enlist serious help to get this dog under control.

Scott was more than willing to spend time on the phone providing my husband and me with advice even before we had committed to any training or classes.  This was amazing to me, as it was clear his main concern was the welfare of the pup, not necessarily obtaining business.

We decided the best approach for us and Lila was the 2 week "boot camp" course in which Scott took Lila to his home/facility for 2 weeks of vigorous work.  Scott sent us regular updates and photos to highlight the progress they were making.  Upon returning her, we noticed a marked improvement in Lila's attention and focus to him and then to us. Scott gave us training tips and techniques to start practicing with the dog.  He invited us to the training facility for several sessions after returning Lila, so we could demonstrate our techniques.  Scott provided extremely helpful feedback in a clear and understandable way.

He has continued to be available for phone or e-mail communication to discuss any questions or to provide reassurance.  
I would recommend Beyond the Leash and Scott without hesitation!  We are looking forward to moving to the agility and games classes that they offer in the upcoming months!!  Maybe we'll see you there!!!"

Jen F.
Marlborough, MA

"I came to know Scott William about a year ago through Patriot Ring Club. Currently I own a Belgian malinois puppy and train with Scott for Ring Sports. Scott is an amazing trainer when it comes to understanding and communicating with your puppy. He teaches you to be consistent, and bribe your puppy to learn behavior. This has resulted in a proactive puppy that is engaged with the handler and willing to learn. Scott shapes his behavior gently with patience and imprints the required qualities. Putting the behavior on cue has made my puppy learn faster. After training for past two months, I am impressed with my puppy's progress. Apart from my puppy, I have observed him handling some difficult adult dogs in the same gentle but firm manner to shape their behavior. Scott is dedicated to training and often helps me during weekend and night to accommodate my schedule. If your dog is pawing, begging, jumping up, intrusive sniffing, barking and whining, scratching at doors, may be it time for a consultation with Scott. I am confident he has a solution."

Sriharsa P.
Wenham, MA

"When my rescue dog, Wee-Bey, became aggressive to the point of biting the neighbor, I quickly started making calls to more than a dozen dog trainers in the area.  Scott stood out from all the others, especially in regards to his confidence with handling aggressive dogs.  After a few one-on-one sessions with Scott I recognized that my dog's aggression was more than my home training, following up on the lessons Scott was providing, would be able to address.  I opted instead for Wee-Bey to be boarded with Scott for two weeks, where she would get the intensive training she needed.

I was hesitant at first to use the boarding option because the vet, doggy daycare staff, and some friends all warned against it.  The vet told me to take Wee-Bey to a behavioralist (for a one-hour session that would cost $300), the daycare staff suggested that she might be abused, and my friends said it cost too much money.  Having worked with Scott for the past few weeks, however, convinced me that they were wrong on all accounts.  

During the two weeks of training Scott was able to do more than I would have in a year of one-on-one sessions.  When she returned, Wee-Bey had an intensely solid grounding in obedience, which we were quickly able to translate into recall commands and eventually off-leash training with follow-up sessions.  It may seem cliche, but I'll add that Scott's value is greatest when training the owner--after all, I'm the one living with my dog, having to reinforce the training daily.  

Wee-Bey and I's relationship with Scott is continuing and I'm happy to say that we've moved beyond obedience to the fun stuff--we're now scent training, which allows my dog some freedom while engaging her mentally and physically.  Rather than my friends being hesitant to come into my house because of an aggressive dog, Wee-Bey is now able to show off to my friends by finding a small tin filled with anise scent and then holding her nose to the tin to signal to me that she's found it.  Absolutely astounding.

Whether your dog has simple behavior problems, is an aggressive dog, or you're wanting to challenge your dog's mind or body with playful training, I couldn't suggest Scott's services highly enough.  His confidence, extensive knowledge of his craft, and strong ability to teach that knowledge to others set him head and shoulders above other trainers."

Mike W.
Melrose, MA

"Exasperated with the arrival of a third dog(!), I wrote to Scott at Beyond the Leash.  He's a very low key guy who reminds me of a sort of, "dog whisperer"!  The dogs just follow his commands and instruction so easily.  He comes to the house (all the way to Wellesley) and deals with the dogs in our environment, which is incredibly helpful to me --and I think great for the dogs too. 
I'm approx. 1/2 way through the 10 lessons, and the dogs are doing great!  They are now walking effortlessly along side of me, staying in their beds, etc., and I've learned quite a lot.  There is much better control and less anxiety in the house!  So happy I contacted Scott."

Jane E.
Wellesley, MA

"Scott at Beyond the Leash has given me a new dog! My 15 month old German Shepherd is good natured and silly but was becoming a bit of a bully with me. He thought he was in charge and silly me, I had inadvertantly taught him he was! He was spoiled rotten and was biting and nipping. A couple of lessons with Scott and Skai is a much happier and relaxed dog! Scott recommended a treadmill for Skai and I decided to give it a try. I had no idea how good it would be! Scott taught Skai how to run on it and by the time the treadmill arrived, Skai walked right up on it and look at me as if to say, "Well? Are you going to get it started?" It has been the best investment ever. Skai loves it.

Scott also recommended an e-collar. In a matter of minutes, I had a much more compliant and relaxed dog. The e-collar is nothing like I thought it would be - it doesn't hurt him, it gets his attention and helps him know what is expected. Scott taught me how to use it properly and it has made a huge difference.  My dog wants to please and with the e-collar, he knows what to do and is much happier. 

Scott helped me learn to communicate with my dog so much more successfully and Skai and I are having great fun together. Skai is a delight to be around, is his same happy, silly self but has much more self control. I have worked with other trainers with other dogs and have never had this much success so quickly. I would recommend Scott without reservation to anyone in search of a dog trainer."

Peg P.
Bedford, MA

"What a pleasant surprise finding Beyond the Leash was! I originally started classes with Scott because my dog was nipping, biting, baiting me to play. I now know, it was my fault.I was agitating him with wrong corrections. I am getting him in the right direction with positive reinforcement. I had also been lifting "Owen" in and out of the car every time we went out. I had resigned myself to the fact it was just how it was going to be. He would sit down and pull back in the driveway every time. I tried everything to no avail. To my delight, Scott had him in and out of the car in a matter of minutes. Jumps right in and he will NOT get out of the car until I "free' him. Who knew :).  

They have a great facility, conveniently located in an old mill. As an added bonus, he shares the building with Jess who owns CookieThat!. We will be starting an agility class with her next week, I can't wait! I have recommended Scott to friends and family with total confidence. They are not limited to just obedience classes, check them out!"

Kate C.
Tewksbury, MA

chance"Scott at Beyond The Leash has done incredible work with my two German Shepherds! I first came to Scott when my mom was having difficulty controlling my Shepherds (she takes care of them while I'm at work). They showed remarkable improvement after just a couple sessions & Scott helped my mom become more comfortable & confident with them. They recently passed their AKC Canine Good Citizen Test thanks to Scott's training and we will continue working with Beyond The Leash as my girls love it! I highly recommend them!"

Daryl D.
Peabody, MA

chance"Hi Scott,
Thank you so much for all the “Scent Work” training! Ever since Elsa and I started taking your Nosework classes, I have been fascinated by the entire venue. She is the one in control and I had to learn how to read her communication. I love the way she uses her nose to search for the odor. I am just amazed at your understanding of canine behavior! We practiced your exercises and followed your techniques and kept attending the Nosework classes…all in preparation for competing in a trial. All our hard work paid off in Walpole in May when we passed our Nosework I Title!!! Everything you taught us made all the difference. After getting our NW1, we were back at class preparing for NW2. Once again, we passed NW2 in Dighton in October!!! Thank you again…you are the best!!!!"

Karen V.
UMass Lowell

chance"My Rottweiler is now 3 1/2 yrs old and we continue learning and having  fun while competing is several different venues. Even if you have no intentions of competing in any dog sports, Scott will help your dog become a model citizen who will be welcome wherever you choose to bring him as well as a delight to live with.  Scott Williams has the experience to help all sorts of dog related issues  in a compassionate and knowledgeable manner.  I highly recommend Beyond the Leash for anyone who truly wants a well mannered puppy/dog."

Terry B.
West Newbury, MA

"Scott worked with the puppies by establishing structure, teaching them to stay on their beds on command, and beginning to crate train them.  He also worked with me and my husband on how to give and maintain commands.  After 2.5 weeks of training, I saw marked improvement in my dogs' behavior.  They still have a long way to go, but I feel that they and I have the groundwork to work together effectively.  Scott provides very clear instruction, his methods are simple and therefore easy to learn and carry out.  I have worked with other trainers whose techniques are more complicated and this leaves a lot of room to make errors/not be clear in one's commands to the dog and then everyone gets frustrated.  The price for boot camp (not cheap but clearly well worth it) includes classes for the owner(s) with the dogs."

Valentine T.
Cambridge, MA

Hi Scott,

"I can't thank you enough for the work you've done with Bert so far - I'm quite literally astonished by the progress he's made. 

The behaviors we went over in Lowell together, carried over when we got home too - Meg and I are very encouraged.

Thanks again!"

Jake B. 

chance"Jimmy, our 2 year old puggle, was in need of a companion.  Having thought Jimmy was the greatest dog ever, we went back to the same breeder and brought Fred home.  He is now 6 months old. 

Fred was anything but a companion to Jimmy.  He exhibited aggressive behaviors toward Jimmy, biting at his neck, ears, and tail.  He frightened those that approached him and bothered the neighbors with his endless bark.  Something had to change or Fred had to go.

I researched dog trainers on the internet and talked to other dog owners.  In my quest, I discovered  I was very impressed with the website and the experience of Scott Williams, the owner and primary trainer. 

After leaving Scott a message and receiving a return phone call within 30 minutes, Fred and I met with Scott and came up with a plan.  Over a three week period, Fred and I worked with Scott for ten one-hour sessions.  In addition, I worked with Fred daily to reinforce all that was covered during the sessions.  Within three or four meetings, both Fred and I learned so much, and Fred was now becoming the family pet we had anticipated. 

As the sessions continued, Fred was making such progress, we realized Jimmy, our 2 year old puggle, was not the greatest dog ever.  Jimmy joined a couple of the sessions and now, he too, is making the same progress as Fred. 

We can’t thank Scott enough for helping us.  His love for dogs was evident in his approach and his professionalism was unmistakable as he demonstrated tremendous patience and understanding.  I would strongly recommend Scott to train any dog and would welcome any questions from potential customers." 

Kelly O.
Billerica, MA

Hey Scott, I wanted to take a minute to send you a note of thanks in regard to Maggie's Training. Before working with you, our Miss Maggs wouldn't listen to us what so ever "off leash". And with our lifestyle that's one of the most important things for her safety. We couldn't go camping, canoeing, hiking with her unless she was on leash which was not much fun for her as well as us. Now since we've been working with you and learning your methods, we have accomplished "recall" on and off leash and "sit/stay" with distractions and distance (now working on duration). Bob, Mr. Skeptic, is a believer now since he's seen it for himself. We can't thank you enough Scott, and will recommend "Beyond the Leash" to anyone looking for an excellent and fun way to train their dog. Next time you're in Rockport let us know and we'll demonstrate just how well you trained us to train Maggie! Hive Five to "Beyond the Leash"!

Maggie, Andrea & Bob
Rockport MA

Hey Scott,I just wanted to let you know how helpful your games class has been for Jesse who is training for Utility. Yesterday,at training we had nothing but success with scent articles,both leather and metal! He gets it! He knows what "sniff" means!!! Before your classes sending him out to retrieve a scented article was pretty much just a game of go-get-an-article. Now he really knows what his job is!! Thanks.


Hi Scott,

I came to you feeling hopeless and frustrated with my dog and our relationship, I thought you were going to tell me I had a dog that wasnt trainable and send me away. Instead you shared your knowledge and gave me several tips to use and worked with me

I want to thank you for your patience with me as a handler and for taking the time to figure out how my dog works and what worked best for training him. It was well worth the 21/2 hour drive every week. Now I have a dog that likes to work and comes when called,How great is that!!!!!

Thanks again ! You're the BEST !!!!

Sheryl and Zeke

chanceHi Scott,
Hope all is well. Just wanted to drop you a line to update Bear's progress. He is now a week before 1 yr. old. and 130lb. he has been leash-less since the beginning of August and doing great. Thank you so much for the job you did.

Thomas Cote


Byron and I have had two WONDERFUL walks! He was a champ both last night and this morning. Really paying attention and best of all...not stressed. There is a house further down the street we were on last night that has two Westies and there is always barking galore. He started to bark and was distracted, but I got his attention and we just proceeded on.

Your advice and suggestions were just marvelous and I'll keep working at it with him. I've offered to "teach" what I've just learned to the dog walker...I hope he'll be interested in learning.

I'll look into the indoor pen as soon as I can and figure out if a day or two a week of day care can get squeezed into the budget.

Thank you again Scott...
it has made such a difference already!


Kim was SO pleased after your session she said you were wonderful. Bryon is such a neat little guy, and she is really committed to making it work with him, being her first dog, I knew some one on one instruction would be the best way for her to go.

I will happily recommend you to everyone!


Scott convinced us that it is possible to have a manageable dog -- even a Samoyed.
He trained our dog-- Then he trained us.
It is possible!

Scott Present

Hi Scott,

What a wonderful job you have done with Sherlock!!! I can take him in the woods off lead and I know he is going to come back. People come to the door and he does not bark incessantly and jumps on them if I don’t have him on a lead. He has become so well behaved.

I have loved Sherlock since I got him at 8 weeks but now it is so much more fun to play with him outside because he responds to the commands and I know he is not going to run away. I really appreciate your work.

Will be in touch.

Ileana and Sherlock, Boxford


No drama this morning! We did it. Gary picked Buddy up calmly and I injected the insulin with ease and comfort. THANK YOU!!! The session with you made all the difference. Feel free to use us as references, if you need any.

Debbie Coltin

chanceHi Scott,

I just wanted to write you and thank you so much for your help with my little guy, Bailey. Bailey, who used to think "come" meant "go" is completely transformed. After three weeks with you, Bailey comes on command, sit, lies down and stays. With all your tips for obedience, positive reinforcement I feel much safer in all situations with Bailey. I am confident that with the tools you have given Bailey and I, his behavior will only improve. Thank you so much!

Annie & Bailey, Boston


After 2 weeks of "boot camp" our 8month old (CRAZY!!!) German Shepherd puppy, Remy is a completely new dog!! We are now able to walk him with the kids in the stroller with out struggling to hold him. He heels on command like he's been doing it forever! He no longer jumps when visitors come to the door and is sweet and gentle with the kids. Thank you Scott for helping us get our sanity back!

We are so happy to have Remy in our family!

- Heather, Boxford

Dear Scott,

I just wanted to say how much we enjoy doing the nose work training with you and our German Shepherd Kobi ! To see the progression from the concept of learning to search to actually learning specific scents - has been just amazing! I also really appreciate your methods of training. You take each dog and handlers needs into consideration, and your use of positive reinforcement gives us both the confidence we need! We couldn't be happier with your training services!!

Linda Gaeta, Rowley

chanceHi Scott,

I just wanted to thank-you for the wonderful training that my seven-month-old Belgian Tervuren is receiving from you. They are a very sensitive and high-energy breed and require a certain "touch" when they are being trained. Almost all trainers do not understand them and are either too harsh or not strict enough. Either way does not work for a Terv and they can be easily ruined, but you understand him perfectly. I had just about given up hope of finding a trainer in this area who understands the "Belgian Brain" , but then someone told me that a wonderful trainer had moved into the area. I started training with you and the results you are getting from my dog are fantastic! I am also looking forward to doing the "Nosework" class with you - it should be a lot of fun for "Chance" and me, and a nice change from our serious training.

Take care,
Mindy Pelletier, Rowley

Hi Scott,

I have worked with a few trainers in the past but your expert training has been fantastic! After only one month I am making more progress than I thought possible. Thank you.

Dianne M. Skreslet, Peabody

A giant thank you cookie from Terry & Miles

Hi Scott,

Our beagle, Nina, was a terrible puller on-leash - she is a follow-her-nose hound dog and was stopping for no one. She would pull against her collar so much, she'd choke. After just one hour-long session, Beyond the Leash had her heeling almost perfectly. There is some homework involved, but she is now walking with us, and sitting at our feet when we stop. Tony came to the lesson highly skeptical - thinking how much could Nina possibly learn in an hour. But the pulling is gone and we are now believers.

-Tony Hernandez & Ryan Natalie Moore

Hi Scott,

We had our dog, Charlie in boot camp with you about a year and a half ago and continued with some of your weekend classes. We enjoyed the experience and still use a lot of the tools you taught us every day. "PLACE" has been a life saver and he still goes to his "bed" to take an nap or chew his favorite toy on his own.

Thank you,
Kerin Smith

Dear Scott,

I cannot thank you enough for the invaluable training you provided for our two Brittanys, Angel and Gator. Before I discovered you I had spent nine months trying to train Angel with a combination of group classes and books, with very little progress to show for it. After only three weeks of training with you, our dogs were fully trained! It was like a miracle.

Now we can safely run both dogs off leash in the canyons and have the added pleasure of having people comment on how well trained they are. They are completely different dogs from the ones I showed up with.

Thank you again and again.

Jan Dennehy & Gary Deaton

Hi Scott,

Just wanted to let you know how well Ollie is doing! He's been heeling with us on our walks, and we even had him off leash on a hike yesterday for a little while, and he did great! He's coming to his name, and we've really noticed a great change in him. Thanks so much!

Eric and Erin

Hi Scott,

Bentley has been counting the days until class this Saturday and we're looking forward to it as well.

Bentley doing well overall. We've settled into a good evening walking routine that takes about an hour and covers roughly two miles, with practice throughout making sure he's heeling properly, sitting right away when we stop, and otherwise doing as he's told. He loves this and begins readying himself to go each night with a rather comical bit of carrying his leash around for awhile in the late afternoon, charging around a bit (although no longer jumping on furniture or attempting to drag anyone in his path along with him) then parking himself by the front door. He knows we don't go until mom is here and ready to go as well and that when all together we always follow her lead in departing from the house, car, etc. waiting patiently if it takes a minute to navigate steps and such. He's actually very cute because it's such an obvious struggle for him to stay calm but, increasingly, he's able to do it--watching and waiting intently and then clearly thrilled when all is in place for him to proceed along as well. When we get back, he settles down on his place (sometimes reluctantly but we're being good about not letting him push) and then putters around for a while before heading to bed, sometimes spontaneously heading back to his place to lounge after checking what's happening elsewhere. Not unsurprisingly, his leg is getting stronger and stronger with all the regular walking that we're able to do now that he's not completely out of control and so he's relying on it more throughout the day, sometimes even leading with it to go up stairs and such.

We're continuing to practice too with his dinnertime food exercises and that's been happily uneventful as well. Most importantly, there haven't been any more aggressive outbursts directed at mom and Bentley seems to be accepting her comparatively superior role to his more and more. He's also much more appropriately responsive to her when she arrives home and such. If she wasn't so limited with her knee in terms of what she can do with him physically, I think we would be making even quicker progress with that relationship but there's nothing we can do about that limitation at this point and we're miles ahead of where we were before so with continued effort things should continue to improve.

Thanks again for all your help.

Hi Scott!

Ollie is doing great...he's been OK on his walks with both Erin and me, and today I took him to the park and worked on his heeling, and he was great, even off his leash. Looking forward to the class on Saturday.

Eric Robinson

gidget, dog training graduate Hey Scott-

I take Ping Pong OFF LEASH to walk in a local Austin park every day which makes me (and him) very happy, and we still practice our "heel" and "come" commands everyday.

Thanks again,
Karen Ng


Hi Scott,

We wanted to thank you for helping us with Bailey and Brooke. Bailey was not much of an issue, just had some barking to get under control and was impossible to walk. Brooke on the other hand was quite the handful. She was incredibly stubborn; not coming when called, not sitting, barking excessively, very difficult to walk and had severe aggression issues against Bailey. The aggression began practically the moment she hit 2. Brooke would attack Bailey and in turn Bailey would retaliate. It was so frequent we had to keep them completely separated which left us completely heartbroken. It has now been 6 months since they left the doggy boot camp and they act like the best of friends! We were always very anxious and would call you frequently with questions and you were always very compassionate. Thank you again for all of your hard work with Bailey and Brooke and putting up with us!

Mike and Michelle Biggs

Dear Scott,

Elin and I just want to thank you again for the wonderful job you did with me. Elin says I am a changed Puppy!



Hello Scott,

I had a great and positive experience with you and my dog can. Bear is doing great with us. Now it truly is night and day. Ive come to realize that no matter how much I might have to work taking her out to work even if just 10 min makes all the difference.

Brandon Johnston

I just wanted to thank you for everything and you've been a pleasure to work with. Ping Pong is doing SO great and I will continue practicing with him in Austin. It's been invaluable leaving him with you during my trip and I'm hoping he will have a better life because of it.

Thanks a million,

Hey Scott-
I hope you are well. I just wanted to let you know Ping Pong is adjusting well to Austin and to my two other dogs. Every day we take a long walk and practice heeling (he's looking really good) and we do some recall in the yard. Turns out he's quite the fence-jumper. The fence near the driveway is low enough for him to climb. Thank goodness for practicing recall. Thanks again for the training. It's really been invaluable and I think he really enjoys it too.


Hey Scott,

Thank you so much for taking care of Bear & now Rome! Bear Is not use to the weather here but he is adapting very well to my family. My brother and him are inseparable! They are the ultimate duo, and I can't even imagine how that would be like when Rome joins the clan! Sean and I have to thank you for all your time and effort that you have placed on our dogs! When I use to walk Bear he use to take over the walk, but now my 5 year old, 43lb brother walks him everyday day without any trouble!! We're in the process of applying for a new permit asap for Rome, and we'll send it to you once we have it! Thank you so much for everything! We'll keep in touch!



"Bear" & "Rome" were trained at Beyond the Leash and then shipped to
Hong Kong to be reunited with their owners.

Hello Scott -

Thank you so much for training Murphy to be quite the gentleman.

Murphy has been with me since he was about 3 months old. Despite being a sweet guy, he held onto a bit of stubbornness and a strong tendency to be his own independent self rather than to obey. He balked somewhat fearful when asked to do basic commands. I realized I needed help with training and a way to get his attention so that he would respond to me at all times.

After going through boot camp with you, I am truly impressed by the change in him. It is a joy to see him prance along with confidence knowing exactly what is expected of him. I can relax and enjoy our time together knowing he will behave.

Murphy receives so many compliments from people everywhere we go. He heels and sits politely while they approach and pass. They usually smile when he "poses" in his perfect seated position. One person actually thanked me for being a good owner having such a well behaved dog.

Murphy and I are out and about in public a great deal. We encounter such things as skateboarders, joggers, and bicyclists, in addition to finding the occasional chicken bone, patch of red ants, follow a wandering skunk, or just a desire to dart away to chase a ball that someone else has thrown. Murphy has learned to be responsive to me and to come to me despite the temptation to do otherwise which ensures that no harm will come to him and that we continue to be welcome wherever we go. "

- Joni K. and Murphy

Wow... Scott and Family. Awesome video!

Nicholas did a wonderful job editing and putting it all together.

I can't say enough about the change in Dakota's behavior. The entire family is more relaxed when she is around. She now hangs out with us no matter what we do or where we go.

Next dog... Bernie the Cocker Spaniel!
(But don't worry, he isn't anywhere near as spazzed out as Dakota was!)


Scott -

This note is designed to thank you very much for your work with Callie. As you know, we rescued Callie back in February 2007 from the Golden Retriever Rescue. At that time she was exactly one year old, had two families that didn't want her, and came to us as an unbehaved, untrained, undisciplined dog. However, she had a very sweet disposition and a big personality. We worked with her for the first 8-9 months and although she was getting better, much improvement in her behavior was still needed. We heard about you through a friend and that is when I contacted you. Because of your work and your organization, Callie is a new and improved dog. We sent her to your doggy boot camp for 2 weeks and when she came back to us she was an unbelievably well-trained and disciplined dog. All of her good qualities were still present but her behavior and discipline was changed. The behavior issues that were present when she came to you were gone and it has been two months since she's been back with us and she improves every day. We wanted to her to listen to direction from us and she does. We wanted her to be able to come into our house and be a part of our family and she is able to do so now. She is exactly the dog we wanted with her sweet personality and now her very good behavior. We believe a well-trained dog is a loved dog and Callie is that for us. So, Scott thank you for work with Callie and thank you for the positive influence you have had on the entire family.


gidget, dog training graduate This past Christmas, our daughter gifted us with a set of water glasses. Each glass had a word on it - "sit," "stay," "fetch'" and "come." Each glass also had the silhouette of a dog doing the exact opposite of the command. There was a reason we got those glasses. Our (at the time) year-old 50+ pound Australian Labradoodle "Quigley" personified them!

Quigley came to us with the reputation of being "a bit of a 'standover'" - whatever that means in Australian - we translated it as Alpha dog positive. Despite our personal attempts and the assist of a couple of training classes, he pulled on the leash, refused to come, and each morning's walk was preceded by a game of catch-me-if-you-can around the dining room table. Since we could not negotiate the under-the-table crossovers as well as he could, he always won.

Quigley had already required stitches after putting his paw through a French door window in an attempt to attack the gardener's blower. Our four-year-old grandson was terrified of our "child friendly" dog. Getting him to lie down to be brushed was an act of force. Groomers were suggesting trainers. Most disturbing were the verbal attacks and nasty looks sustained by one husband from one wife who was completely fed up with the situation.

We had spent many hours watching Caesar Milan - "The Dog Whisperer" - hoping that one of his subjects would fit our needs. We had even attempted to utilize some of his methods, to no avail. Finally we decided we needed to bite the bullet and hire a trainer. We found the name of a professional organization on the Milan website and connected with Beyond the Leash, a member of that organization.

Scott Williams has confirmed what we already knew: we needed training. That has produced an obedient, respectful, and delightful canine companion. He sits, comes when called, walks without pulling, is calm around the gardener, sleeps through visitors' stays, and is no longer checking out the kitchen counters for human food (although he did polish off a stick of butter from the kitchen table the other day!) We aren't finished yet but we've come a long way in three lessons!

Thanks, Scott!

Ed and Susan Johnson
Pasadena, CA


Three years ago I was given a cute little black puppy who turned into a real free spirit. She would not stay at home. I tried everything from rainbird scarecrows to a chain link kennel. Nothing stopped her! Finally, in desperation, I turned to Beyond the Leash. Scott showed me how to work with Missy and she turned into the wonderful companion she was always meant to be. No more midnight searches around town, no more complaining neighbors, no more chasing her down to wrestle a leash onto her. When we leave the house, Missy is right by my side, just like my best friend.

This really has changed my life for the better. I can hardly wait to see what else Missy can learn to do. Make coffee? Ironing? Wash windows?

See you at the next lesson.
Billie Tone

gidget, dog training graduate Dear Scott,

Thank you so much for your work with Brando, our Akita/German Shepherd rescue. He has come back to our family as a different dog and makes our cocker spaniel look terrible (she's next on your list!).

As you know, I brought him to you because he was quite literally chewing everything inside and outside my home. He had destroyed a cable remote, a computer mouse, the cord to my laptop, a $20 bill, pens, a box of paper, mail, and a jacket that I never even had the opportunity to remove the tags from, to name a FEW. The list is far too extensive to continue. In addition, taking Brando around other big dogs was challenging as he showed a lot of aggression.

Brando now knows all basic commands including sit, stay, come, heel, wait, and off. We especially like off when he is getting into something or jumping on someone. His aggression around other large dogs has nearly been eliminated and we can easily take him for walks with no tension on the leash.

Finally, the pet cot, affectionately known as "place", has been very helpful. He knows that it is his place and often goes to it on his own without being asked. Your work with him, including the followup training, have allowed us to enjoy each other so much more. Despite his territorial claim on "place", he does share with our smaller dog. Picture attached for your amusement.

We look forward to working with you in the future with Chloe and I have been telling all of my friends of your work.

Dina Durrer
Sherman Oaks, CA

gidget, dog training graduate Hi Scott,

It's Jenny McCann; you worked with Gidget and I in December, I believe. Now you're working with my little sister and her choc. lab Gunner. I just wanted to tell you what a terrific dog Gidget is turning out to be :) We had a lot going for us, she knew her basics and I was putting in the time, but the hurdles of dog aggression (turned out to be a combination of her fear and mine) and no control off leash was excruciatingly frustrating. Add to that my husband still wasn't too keen on her even after 3 years. Well since we moved to Burbank and worked with you, she's really turned a corner. Sure she still has some moments of acting aggressively but now it's 100% of the time when uncontrolled dogs run up and get in her face. I don't really blame her for that. But, she's mostly obedient, happy and relaxed. When the hairs on her neck go up I know just what to do and get her focused. She has several dog friends, is dominant with some and submissive with others, like a normal dog. (She's very dominant over Gunner but totally submissive to my neighbor's 20 lb terror.) She likes meeting dogs provided they're well-mannered, and those that aren't I just keep away from her because it's not fair to assault her with rude dogs! She plays well with the dogs she knows and can be well controlled off leash, even around horses and dogs. People actually comment on what a nice dog she is.

She's happy and we're happy and only 3 lessons helped us to get there. My husband totally loves her now by the way. We sometimes wonder if she'd even like another dog as a companion, when I never ever thought I'd consider that for a moment. Here's a cute picture of her. She'll be 4 soon and she's just the coolest mutt.

Jenny McCann

"As I have expressed during numerous phone conversations, thank you so much for training me the importance and results of being consistent with my two Labrador retriever "puppies." When we first met you the "boys," Rutger and Shadow were 8 weeks old and 10 pounds each. Now 9 months later I have two 65 lb. plus puppies to enjoy. Enjoy is the key word. I am so pleased with the boys – I can bring them to public places and they don't jump on people or pull me down the street. I had 13 family members staying at the house and they were just happy participants in the activities and just wonderful to have around. When walking off-leash in the mountains the first things I hear are "wow, two big boys" and the second is "they are so well behaved." If I am consistent with the training methods you have taught me, they are consistent with their responses. 
I don’t have to yell, tug, coerce or beg my puppies to respond. The Beyond The Leash method alerts them that I am requesting something and they need to respond.  
Thank you for enabling me to enjoy these two additions to my family with such ease."
Tanya A. Nielsen

"We just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the guidance and training methods you've given us for our dog, Zsia. We were truly at our wits end before we came to you, a day away from giving her up. But after only one class with you, she's shown an immediate positive response and we are so confident that we can help her to become a "top-dog."

We actually have fun in training sessions and the dog seems to enjoy them as well. We will happily continue to follow your advice and we look very forward to future classes. When Zsia is a fully trained and happy dog the rewards will all speak for themselves, just like Zsia. The old adage is indeed true, "A dog is good but a well-trained dog is the best." Thanks again for helping us attain the best. See you in the next class."

Jonas and Yvonne

"I just wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how beneficial your Beyond The Leash training program has been for our entire family!

As you know, my husband and I heard about you from one of our local pet sitters. We only had our 5 month old Lab for a few days and knew that, since he was going to be an outside dog, he (and we!) would need training. You came to our home the day after we called you and we realized right away that, because of your easy manner and professional approach, your method was the right one for us. you showed us that the dog is of the utmost importance to you and that you respect him and expect him to behave.

The first few commands that you taught MacKenzie caught on right away, and we practiced with him for actually just a short time before we had them pretty well down pat. As a person who has always been afraid of dogs I was amazed that I could feel comfortable around him in a matter of days because I had confidence that, if I used your methods, he would behave just the way I needed him to.

The classes in the park have been excellent, and a great way to make sure he behaves in situations around other dogs. We have enjoyed the park outings as has our 10 year old granddaughter, who learned right away how to use the transmitter correctly.

It is a humane and easy way to train a dog, and John and I thank you for coming to our aid and being such a good friend along the way."

Bev McCord, La Canada Flintridge

"Scott is one of my most successful graduates. Scott has a lot to offer your community."

Fred Hassen, Founder of the No Limitations School For Remote Dog Training

"Great lesson on Saturday. Meesha and Mandy were really tired when they got home.

I worked them twice on Sunday. First alone and then together. What a difference your guidance has made. I could actually walk both of them without a struggle.

I'm looking forward to walking them twice a day this week and continuing to work on sit, heel, slow and come. Hopefully the next time you see 'US' we'll all be better trained!!!"

Linda Zimmer

"Just a quick note to let you know how Tashi is doing. She still gets quite excited when she meets other dogs. However, I am able to control her with the remote. I am trying to get her to heel but....

I have taken her swimming a few times and she has been great. I am using a foam soaker ball that Thomas had. It works very well. I have her laying down when I throw the ball and get her to a sit before she can jump in. Overall she is doing great.

She has spent some time off leash and is really good at staying around us. There is no jumping when friends are over. I still am amazed at the transformation. Thank you so much!"

Louise Harris

"Buddy, my German Shepherd Chow, was out of control. We started training with Beyond The Leash. Scott Williams is the trainer. In a short period of time Buddy has come a long way. He behaves much better. I will continue training with Scott. I greatly appreciate all his help. I owe the success of Buddy to Scott Williams."

Jean Brenner

"Scott Williams of Beyond The Leash transformed my dog from a problem to a pleasure in only a few hours. Annie, a 68 pound pit-ridgeback cross, was rescued from a local golf course where for at least a year she had played with deer and coyotes and lived in the brush.

When we met Scott, Annie was trained to walk on a leash and sit (sometimes) on command, but was still aggressive to other dogs. The big problem was Annie vs. her owner. At 57 and 5'5", 115 pounds, I'm bigger than Annie, but her strength is five times mine. She is very strong. Several times she has taken off in a dead run and I've been literally dragged behind her.

With Scott's training, Annie now sits, walks without pulling, stays in place. Our walks are a pleasure. No more pulling on the leash to get her to behave (my arm used to be sore from yanking her); no more trying to pull her back as she reared on the leash to charge other dogs.

Through Scott's kind and caring training, Annie seems to feel better, too. She knows clearly what behavior is expected and allowed, and what is not. She looks forward to walks and, of course, to Scott's classes at the park.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Scott Williams at Beyond the Leash. He is kind, sympathetic and direct. He knows dogs and what they need. In a matter of minutes, Scott was able to access Annie's issues, insecurities and levels of aggression. He even called me between sessions to check on my training progress.

I've encountered dog trainers who yank the heck of dogs. Maybe that works for big, strong men, but for a middle aged weakling like me, Scott's methods are easy on me and Annie. And, most importantly, they work."

Jill Thomas Doyle

"Just what to let you know how Tashi is doing now that the relatives from Sweden are here. I am amazed at how well she responds to us. Going out for a walk with her is a breeze now that she is not pulling as hard as she can.

She definitely knows who is in charge. I can't tell you what a huge difference there is!

I am so grateful that we found you and your company. Looking forward to hearing from you when you get back."

Louise Harris



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