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How Do I Get Started?

How Do I Get Started with Dog Training?
Get started with personalized dog training by following three simple steps:

Step #1: Sign up for a Solutions Session

Step #2: After you have signed up online, call us to schedule a specific time for your Solutions Session (or we’ll call you within 24 hours)

Step #3: Relax in knowing that you have found a professional dog training service that gets results using positive methods, customized to best fit your needs, goals, schedule, and budget

What Is a Solutions Session and What Does It Include?
Beyond the Leash dog training is not like other North Eastern Massachusetts dog training services. We get long-lasting results with all types of dogs in the North Shore area—and are known as the last stop for disobedient dogs—because we offer dog training customizable to you and your pet. Because of this, all our training options begin by scheduling a Solutions Session.

The Solutions Session is an approximately 60-minute dog training and assessment session conveniently conducted at your home, in your dog’s natural surroundings (click here for a specific list of service areas including Essex, Ipswich, Hamilton, and Wenham). During this session, our training director, Scott Williams, will observe, evaluate, interact with, and offer on-the-spot basic solutions for your dog’s issue(s). Scheduled to suit your needs—weekdays, weekends, or evenings—this initial meeting enables Scott to do three things:

1. Assess your dog’s or puppy's behavior and discuss your goals

2. Perform a single dog training session, which includes providing you with several basic tips, techniques, and solutions to help manage your pet’s issue(s)…immediately

3. Collaborate with you and—should you decide to proceed with further training—identify which customizable dog training program is the best fit for you and your dog

Don’t wait to get started!


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