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Photos & Instructional Videos

Instructional Dog Training Videos
Got an extra minute or two? Enjoy an educational dog training video! Learn quick tips for teaching kids how to interact with dogs, decreasing “doggy destruction” of household items, expediting potty training, and much, much more—courtesy of Animal Planet’s

Kids and Dogs

Great Tips for Kids & Dogs
These tips will help teach your kids the right way to pet your dog. You'll also learn how your kids can build a strong bond with their best buddy!
Introducing Kids and Dogs
First impressions can last a lifetime! This dog training segment provides help with kids and dogs, showing you the best way to introduce your children to your new dog.

House Training Videos

How to House Train A Dog of Any Age
This segment teaches you step-by-step instructions for potty training your puppy or adult dog properly! You'll learn how to prevent accidents and set your dog up for success; we’ll also cover some common problems you may encounter along the way. This is critical viewing for anyone trying to potty train their pup!

House Training: Extra Tips
This segment features a variety of quick tips to help expedite the dog potty training process.



Preventing Chewing and Teaching Good Habits
All dogs need to chew! In this segment, you'll learn simple steps to prevent the destruction of household items…and how to teach your dog what objects are appropriate to chew.

Great Tips to Prevent Chewing
This dog training video gives you more great ideas to help eliminate your pet’s chewing problem! Learn how to use puzzle toys to help wear out your dog, what to do when your dog does destroy an inappropriate item, and more.



Tips for Jumping
End the embarrassment of the overly-excited introduction! This segment provides additional tips for training your dog to greet people politely; it also explains why your kitchen is the best place to practice.

Jumping: How to Teach Calm Behavior
Jumping is a common complaint of pet parents. This dog training video covers how to prevent and minimize your dog's jumping, what to do when he jumps up on you, and more.



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