Canine Anxiety

Anxiety can present itself differently in different dogs. Most dogs express their anxiety through howling, barking, panting, licking, drooling, whining, shivering, or destructive behavior. But hyperactivity can be a symptom of anxiety, and even peeing and pooping in the house or crate can be a sign of anxiety. A large portion of the anxiety that we see nowadays is genetic; however, the way that owners react to their dog’s anxiety is critical. Many instinctual human responses to canine anxiety can be detrimental to the problem. Schedule an appointment to discuss your dog’s specific anxiety issues, and we can construct a treatment plan for you and your dog.

Related Testimonials

“After six years of struggling with how to handle my dog, Louie’s, severe separation anxiety, I came to Scott at Beyond the Leash, feeling like this might be my last hope. Scott was the answer to my prayers. I’ve never written a review like this before, but I feel very motivated to do so because Scott deserves high praise!

After two weeks of training, Louie is now able to tolerate being left alone in his crate and I can leave my apartment without fear of what I may find when I get home. It’s changed our lives. Throughout, Scott has been responsive, available, and dedicated to helping both of us (because I need some training too, of course!). Though initially I had some concerns about cost-because this kind of commitment to training is not cheap (no matter where you go), I knew I needed a real expert and someone with a proven track record (he came highly recommended). Scott is worth every penny to get the results that you need!”

Patience W.
Brookline, MA

“Our dog was suffering from what we think was separation anxiety. It had recently gotten pretty bad. He has escaped his kennel multiple times to the point where he is injuring himself. He also was barking nonstop when we weren’t home, and we received complaints from our neighbors. We had no idea where to begin, and with your expertise (and a whole lot of patience), you have made a world of a difference!

Not only have you made big changes in Dex’s behavior, but you are teaching us so many new things as well! You are truly talented and you genuinely cared about Dex’s progress. Words can’t even begin to describe how incredibly grateful we are for EVERYTHING you’ve done with Dex! Thank you very much! You are appreciated, and we are hopeful about Dex’s future!”

Laura and Anthony C.
Lowell, MA