Fearful Dog

Nothing is more heartbreaking than a dog that doesn’t want to explore the world. For certain dogs, their fear controls almost all of their interactions. Whether a dog’s shyness manifests itself in growling, hiding, or darting away, allowing your fearful dog to continue this skittish behavior is detrimental to him. And having a dog that seems to fear everything including his own shadow is also upsetting to the owners. Schedule a time today to discuss how we can increase the confidence in your fearful dog!

Related Testimonials

“I rescued Leia in November and while she was a sweet girl, she was afraid of everything. I sent Leia to a Boot Camp at Beyond The Leash. Scott Williams is incredible. He almost completely got Leia over her fear. She’s a totally different dog now. He worked with my girlfriend and I and got us to understand the training and showed us how to use the leash correctly. She comes, plays, listens, and more. I even notice a difference in the way she lays around. She no longer curls up in a ball; she is almost always stretched out. I’m so happy and so is Leia! If anyone is even considering another place don’t waste your time. Forget Cesar Milan; Scott is the real dog whisperer.”

Daniel M.
Cambridge, MA

“Our fearful, anxiety-ridden 5-month-old Lagotto pup, Lola, came home from Scott William’s Boot Camp a calmer, happier, more confident, and obedient dog. For more than 10 years our two boys begged us for a dog. So when we finally said we’re ready and welcomed Lola into the family, our joy quickly turned to concern and a feeling of helplessness as her struggle with fear and anxiety became increasingly apparent and heightened. Loving and comfortable while in the house alone with us, Lola would hide, bark, or growl when people came to visit. On walks she strained at the leash, desperate to get away at the sight of an approaching dog, a bike, or a recycling bin. You name it; she feared it. We were out of our league and knew we needed professional help. Through a personal recommendation we found Scott Williams. He provided excellent guidance through an initial phone consultation with a genuine interest in wanting to help. Scott was great about sending photos and videos to report on Lola’s progress and gave us the peace of mind that she was in capable hands.

Scott is a personable, consummate professional who provides excellent customer service alongside his considerable expertise. What we find most impressive is his commitment to follow up instruction. He provides us with concrete actions that allow us to continually reinforce the positive changes he made in our dog’s behavior. And he is doing it with patience and clarity. If there is better picture of what caring, ethical, and downright amazing dog training looks like, I’m not sure what that would be. We feel fortunate to have found such a great resource (and nice person!) to help us with our quirky but lovable dog. We recommend Scott and Beyond the Leash with the utmost enthusiasm.”

Paula G.
Marblehead, MA