Solutions for Barking Dogs

Barking is stressful to ALL family members, including the dog barking! But there are solutions for barking dogs. If it is difficult for the kids to nap or for you to work from home, barking has become a serious problem. It can be such an issue neighbors begin to complain about the noise. And occasionally, your dog’s barking might even get you evicted. Some barking is strictly nuisance barking. Other barking could be territorial barking; however, excessive barking of any kind should not be tolerated. Whether your dog’s barking has begun escalating or you are finally just fed up with a long term barking problem, fill out a form and discover what solutions for barking dogs we may be able to offer.

Related Testimonials

“After six years of struggling with how to handle my dog, Louie’s, severe separation anxiety, I came to Scott at Beyond the Leash, feeling like this might be my last hope. Scott was the answer to my prayers. I’ve never written a review like this before, but I feel very motivated to do so because Scott deserves high praise!

“Scott taught my wife and I that even a dog that barks at everything and bites on occasion can be given the opportunity to be a happy, healthy, playful dog again. Scott’s advice and tuition focused on teaching my wife and I what our dog needed from us in order to be obedient and more importantly happy.

It all comes down to knowing what to do, being consistent, and building the right relationship with your dog. I would not hesitate recommending Scott to anyone, and whether you have your dog board with him for intensive training or attend one on one training, it will be money well spent.”

Will & Heidi H.
Lowell, MA

“We adopted our nine-year-old Poodle Terrier mix Woody when he was two years old. He has always been lovable and loving—except when he was not! Like when he was in the car with us and barked at everything and often nothing. Or when we took walks or hikes, and he barked at humans and growled and occasionally lunged at passing dogs. He had fear reactivity, and, quite frankly, he was a bully. We were at our wits’ end. I began searching for nearby dog trainers when I came upon the website of Beyond the Leash. Reading the information and testimonials, I thought Scott could be the answer to our prayers.

After Scott came to our home for an evaluation, we signed up Woody on the spot for the Boot Camp. Scott kept in contact with us, sending photos and videos to update us on Woody’s progress. Bottom line, Woody came back to us a changed dog! He now rides quietly in the car, and we can take walks and hikes without breaking out in a sweat worrying about what he might do. Scott also has been wonderful during our follow up lessons, making sure us humans are trained as well. Thank you, Scott! We recommend Scott and Beyond the Leash wholeheartedly and without reservation.”

Lori M.
Sudbury, MA