Leash Pulling

It seems like the majority of dogs on the street or at the vet do not have proper leash manners, and constant leash pulling can be dangerous to both dog and owner. Furthermore, structured leash walking translates to better control of your dog in the house more than most people realize. Some of our Boston area clients had such severe leash pulling issues before they came to us that their dog’s lunging unfortunately resulted in broken bones for them. Whether your pulling issues are this severe or not, excessive pulling should be addressed for the benefit of everyone. Let us know how we can help you solve your leash headaches today!

Related Testimonials

“Scott Williams of Beyond The Leash transformed my dog from a problem to a pleasure. Annie is an almost 70 pound Pit-Ridgeback cross and was rescued from a local golf course. The big problem was Annie vs. her owner. At 57, 5’5”, and 115 pounds, I’m bigger than Annie, but her strength is five times mine. She is very strong. Several times she has taken off in a dead run, and I’ve been literally dragged behind her. With Scott’s training, Annie now sits, walks without pulling, and stays in place. Our walks are a pleasure. No more pulling on the leash to get her to behave (my arm used to be sore from yanking her) and no more trying to pull her back as she reared on the leash to charge other dogs.

Through Scott’s kind and caring training, Annie seems to feel better too. She knows clearly what behavior is expected and allowed, and what is not. She looks forward to walks. I would wholeheartedly recommend Scott Williams at Beyond the Leash. He is kind, sympathetic, and direct. He knows dogs and what they need. In a matter of minutes, Scott was able to assess Annie’s issues, insecurities, and levels of aggression. He even called me between sessions to check on my training progress.”


“Thank you so much for taking care of Bear! My brother and him are inseparable! They are the ultimate duo! Sean and I have to thank you for all your time and effort that you have placed on our dogs! When I used to walk Bear, he used to take over the walk, but now my 5 year old 43 pound brother walks him everyday day without any trouble! Thank you so much for everything!”