Jumping Dog Training

While a jumping dog is a nuisance to all owners, jumping can become a safety issue quickly if the dog is large or children or senior citizens are involved. But a jumping dog training program can be very effective. If you see jumping in your everyday life but whatever you are doing to curb the jumping isn’t working, make a commitment to fix it today. By teaching the dog what you want him to do as well as teaching him jumping is unacceptable, we can make a tremendous amount of progress with most dogs in a short time. Fed up with your jumping troubles? Contact us today!

Related Testimonials

“My Husky spent time with Scott for training. Harper is 8 months old and as much as she is swee,t she is very high energy and had issues with being calm in the house as well as outside. She was a leash puller and jumped on people to say hello. After training with Scott, there were major changes with our dog. She has not barked once since being inside the home and remains completely calm. She has not jumped on anyone walking past us and she even walks beside me on a loose leash.

I really didn’t think a change this drastic would be possible, but all the issues Harper had are no longer there. I can’t thank Scott enough for his hard work and dedication. Harper absolutely loves Scott and you can tell how happy she is when she gets to visit him for our additional training classes. If you have minor or major behavioral issues with your dog Scott is your go to dog trainer! I would recommend him to anyone. He is personable, relatable, and has knowledge when it comes to the right kind of training your dog will need.”

Carly Yarbrow
Boston, MA

“I was so excited when I brought my adorable 9-week-old puppy, Joey, home to my parents’ house last July. I knew a lot of hard work would go into training any dog, but I really had no idea what was in store for us. On walks, Joey would jump up at me and latch onto my arm whenever he became overly excited (usually when he saw another dog, a loud truck, or for no reason whatsoever). I would frequently end up in tears and come home bruised, or worse, from his biting. My family was tense and irritable. We were constantly trying to manage Joey’s increasingly obnoxious behaviors. We just had no control over him at all. I knew I had made a commitment to Joey when I rescued him, but I felt one hundred percent hopeless and helpless. I dreaded walking him.

FINALLY, I came across reviews of Beyond the Leash. I read through every single review and tried to imagine feeling the relief that so many of the reviewers expressed. Scott came to our house one day in April. Within minutes, Scott had Joey outside walking perfectly find on a leash with him. I was amazed. Scott kept Joey for Boot Camp and made sure to keep me updated with pictures and videos. When we went to pick up Joey, he was lying calmly on his bed and stayed there for at least a half hour while Scott discussed his progress. My parents and I were in shock. We no longer have to yell over his incessant barking, I can walk him around the pond with little to no effort, and he no longer runs the house. When we are expecting company, we put him on his bed and he’s perfectly happy there. I no longer have to explain the constant bruising all over my arms and legs. He is a sweet, loving, cuddly, dog who is no longer out of control. Below is a pic of Joey going to the beach, which is something I never thought he would be able to do! I would absolutely, without a doubt, recommend Scott and Beyond the Leash to anyone who may be feeling as desperate and helpless as I had been feeling. Please believe there is hope for you and your dog!!! :)”

Alicia D.
Woburn, MA